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Our Expertise

We are an investment and corporate advisory firm with offices in Sydney and London. Specialising in the provision of mid-market transaction management and expansion capital, our firm has a regional focus on Australia and South East Asia.


Enrizen has the financial resources, investment experience and expertise to identify, guide and fund opportunities, ensuring companies have the structure and capital required to take that next step.

We have a proven track record of progressing deals from conception through to completion. In addition to our own direct investment, we have a network of global institutional investors, family offices and high net worth individuals providing enhanced capital raising capabilities.


Enrizen has an extensive history of guiding the origination and execution of new transactions and achieving expansion capital for our engaged ventures.

Our Focus

We specialise in the provision of corporate advisory to micro and small cap listed entities and large private market participants. Our clients are traditionally cash-flow positive unlisted companies, entities progressing towards a significant liquidity event and ASX listed corporations.

Our recent transactions involve companies with valuations ranging from $1M up to $250M. 90% of our engagements are with companies between $5M and $40M. 


Enrizen Capital is industry agnostic, however our recent engagements have been within:

  • Agriculture

  • Professional Services

  • Industrials

  • Resources & Energy

  • Property

  • Healthcare

  • Consumer Products

Regionally Focused Projects


Regionally Focused Projects

With a regional focus on Australasia and South-East Asia, we have not only a deep understanding of the commercial, cultural and political landscape but the connections and people in order to progress deals from concept through to development. 


We spend time cultivating local resources and relationships in order to de-risk our projects and protect capital.

Global Funding Network

With global funding networks, we are able to deploy capital into Australian & Asian Projects from our institutional, family office and high net worth partners. This provides diversified opportunities for our capital clients and a broad based funding sources for our identified projects.

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