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Corporate Advisors & Capital Partners

Our success is defined by supporting sustainable, value accretive partnerships over the medium to long-term.


Our core investment criteria is the alignment of values.


Our point of difference is our multi-disciplinary deal team’s ability to navigate the non-linear pathway to success.

Our Services

Raising Capital and Underwriting

Through our Global Funding Network, we help companies source capital to fund strategic objectives. Through our network and previous engagements, we understand the key metrics and characteristics investors and financiers are looking for. We share this knowledge with our clients and guide them to become investor ready.

Transaction Origination, Management and Execution

Many of our clients engage us with the pathway to success well mapped, but require support to identify, negotiate and deliver on the vision. We provide full scope guidance through the M&A process, ensuring the foundations for progress are well supported. This includes acquisitions, divestments or trade sales.

Company Secretarial (Regulatory and ASX management)

Complying with and appeasing key regulatory bodies is integral to the execution of every company’s strategy. This process, however, is commonly overlooked or undervalued. Our Deal Team assists clients to navigate through regulatory obstacles and maintain commercially advantageous relationships.

Succession Planning

Every vendor should have a succession strategy. We help vendors plan and execute succession strategies to ensure they are well remunerated for their efforts and the company is optimally structured to progress with a change in key personnel.

Corporate Strategy

We help companies take that next step. Whether it is by acquiring a new asset/expertise to complement existing operations, divesting non-core divisions and redeploying funds into progressive ventures, working with companies to develop a strategic plan, or targeting a material liquidity event, our Deal Team is well equipped to deliver your targeted outcome.

Our Point of Difference

Unlike many corporate advisory firms, we have an internal team of lawyers, accountants, industry and technical experts as well as marketing and risk management professionals (our Deal Team) who are involved throughout our deals to deliver a successful outcome.


Where deals with many of our competitors would involve three external advisory groups (Corporate Advisors, Lawyers and Accountants), each with alternating concepts of materiality, timing and commerciality, our Deal Team provides our client with one primary point of contact – Enrizen Capital.


By reducing the tri-partite advisory model to one, our clients proceed with confidence that all forces are working towards a unified commercial outcome.  This unified approach ultimately provides our clients with a greater likelihood of success and a better experience.


We believe in our frameworks for conceptualising, identifying and structuring deals – and our engagements to date demonstrate this success. What sets Enrizen Capital apart from our competitors is our ability to execute.


Once opportunities have been identified, tested and structured for success, Enrizen Capital’s strength is demonstrated through our ability to support companies through the various, often unexpected, obstacles between a fantastic idea and a realised result.

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